A Tale for Tuesday titled:



“Cheese and jelly . . .” chanted my cute-as-a-button niece prior to gleefully gobbling her signature snack at Grandma’s house. In addition to small white squares of raw organic cheese topped with likewise organic strawberry jelly, a handful of cold raisins sat in the corner of her grey plastic plate.

“. . . In my belly!” I finished her off-the-cuff song with my own rhyming ending.

There we sat, on a Sunday afternoon after a 9:00 church service, the girl to my right as I ate my own snack while she enjoyed hers.

One of the best things about being around young ones all the time, at least for me, is hearing them talk of the latest things they’ve learned. Such was the case now. Only this time it wasn’t singing the entire alphabet correctly or counting all the way from one to a new high number.

I was flabbergasted, to put it mildly, when this youngster proceeded to spew forth a concoction of words I’ve heard many times before, but never expected to be told by an unfledged girl of four.

“Does your face hurt?” asked my sweet little niece all dolled up in a lovely pink floral dress that, if at all possible, made this soon-to-be-preschooler even more adorable.

“No,” I replied.

A mischievous grin crinkled her cheeks as the little sponge uttered, “It’s killin’ me!”


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