2-Parts Blog: a List & a Story


(Today) 2nd Soars to #1 as lots of good things come in 2s:

  1. Joy is the 2nd Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22).
  2. Today, July 30, marks my turning 30 ½, or as I never fail to point out, my half-birthday aka 2nd birthday celebration of the year.
  3. My 2nd niece joined me as we dined on my favorite dessert: fabulous chocolate-covered strawberries!



“It’s My (aunt’s half-birthday) Party & I’ll Cry if I want to” 

A lot of times my baby nephew who turns one next month snoozes soundly in my arms. A lot of times, even more now that he’s increasingly mobile, he prefers me more than ever before. Handsome little Harrison employs his fast method of crawling without his knees touching the floor and a lot of times, the little guy stretches out his arms for me to scoop him up.


Nonetheless, the tuckered out baby refused my open arms when his loving mother tried to pass him to me on the couch in their family room this afternoon.


Never mind the fact that it’s his doting aunt’s second birthday of the year because he’s obviously too young to know to try to “spread the cheer” all day. Never mind the fact that his Aunt Amy loves to snuggle with him any given chance.


Shaking her head as she stood on the couch on my left, his 3-year-old beautiful brown-haired sister declared, “My brother doesn’t want you.”


Luckily Penelope was there to ensure her aging aunt fully grasped the magnitude of the situation.


Less than three seconds later, she echoed and added on to her initial statement to be one hundred percent certain we were on the same page, “My brother doesn’t want you and he’s crying.”



God Bless the honesty of children.

God Bless the honesty of children.

“Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting”

Well, just two were actually.

“Max, are you okay?”

In the midst of Kung Fu Panda “fighting” with Kung Fu Amy, Kung Fu Panda wildly spun a full circle on the hardwood floor, after swatting at his aunt and completely missing, landing facedown (not hard though).

“I’m fine.”

Max and Pen relished each moment at Cookie House. A rousing game of Chutes and Ladders at the dining room table (where Max intentionally turned the spinner to land on number three every time his turn came because he declared “I am number three” and Pen was just happy to be included), the three of us pretending to be walruses in the kitchen by hanging two pretzel sticks from either side of our lips and bellowing, Max serenading me with “Dance to the Music” from Shrek as his sister looked on and I paid my water bill, all of our many activities – plus playing cars and doctor – were in good fun.

Earlier that day both youngsters were in my room with one pushing a little pink stroller and the other playing a game called “Car Chaos” on the Kindle where the player taps cars to speed them up to avoid crashing in a four-way intersection. It was here, in close proximity to two cute little dolls and his little sister, that an idea began to take shape in the young boy’s noggin.

 “How about you be the mom and I’ll be the dad?” the little thinker suggested to me.

His follow-up statement succeeded in furthering along his make-believe family plan with a term of affection he must’ve heard repeated countless times between his own parents. Max’s proposition was quite hilarious – largely because he’s only three – and brought his initial suggestion completely full circle.

“Maybe I can call you Honey.”

. . . And a short while later, “Honey, I think you’re sitting on my yo-yo.”


Max "attacking" my head a few years before Kung Fu fighting entered the picture

Max “attacking” my head a few years before Kung Fu fighting entered the picture


Simple yet Spectacular Sentiment

I hereby declare the following string of words I’ve heard since childhood to be one of the best sentences ever created:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Relevant to recall at every age in life, every stage in life

The superior sentenced I've known my whole life is evidenced in this paper written when I was a kid.

The superior sentence I’ve known my whole life is evidenced in this paper written when I was a kid.


Humor Me

A shot of me - & cute little Leah - with chipmunk cheeks following removal of my wisdom teeth during my cancer-fighting years

A shot of me – & cute little Leah (although I, too, am completely baffled by her facial expression)! – with chipmunk cheeks the day following removal of my wisdom teeth during my cancer-fighting years

Who knows? Sharing my thinking on a couple things may help you out & inspire you a little too. At least I hope so. Join me on this brief trek down the road of recollection:

☻ In the midst of my cancer battle several years ago, as I prepared to laminate & bind my writings at a local shop, my Mom suggested I include a personal quote. I thought that was a brilliant idea, & came up with “Writing is a healing process with no ill side effects.”

♫ I see no benefit whatsoever to “Get Well Soon” cards. Why wouldn’t you want the recipient of the card to regain health immediately? It is for that reason, one I feel exceedingly strongly about & therefore won’t budge on the issue, that I vote for “Get Well NOW” cards only.