“Can I See Some I.D.?”

April 12, 2003 at age 19 is when I wrote this poem for the pediatric infectious disease doctor. Dr. Blackwood had an immense likability factor and even made silly animal noises to entertain his youngest patients. He gave me the “assignment” of writing this poem with certain phrases included like “babbling brook” and “towering oak tree,” which was really fun for me, which was important because finding laughs during grueling cancer treatment is a true lifesaver. (Like Dr. Blackwood in this poem, my nephew in this video below is talented at making animal sounds.)

On Saturday morning I met a new doc,

Who entered my room around 10 o’clock.

I could tell that his intelligence was by no means dim,

As he allowed me to call him Jason and not Dr. Kim.

After a quick consult where Jason asked all that he could,

He returned with attending Dr. Blackwood.

I’m certain Dr. Blackwood thoroughly completed his rounds,

With exams consisting of various animal sounds.

He listened to my heart and at my skin took a good look,

With mannerisms as pleasant as a clear, babbling brook.

His wisdom was great, as far as I could see,

No doubt extending higher than a towering oak tree.

These pediatric partners who specialize in Infectious Disease,

Have great personalities that certainly please.

Meows of kittens, frog ribbits, and horses whinnying make doctor visits fun,

And so do Scooby Doo imitations by Jason who wouldn’t be outdone.

Overall I was happy with the consult in Room 92,

Although I failed to ask if Dr. Blackwood could muster up a good “moo.”

Hopefully a diagnosis will soon be given to me,

Maybe even from the two delightful docs from I.D.


*** 6-30-14 NOTE: The final stanza in the poem is referring to another of my innumerable illnesses that surfaced throughout my years of cancer treatment that mystified all the types of physicians in the hospital. Not one doctor knew what I was afflicted with. ***

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