Shower Power

Showering in the hospital while you’re attached to an intravenous line is a reality. Oftentimes, the nurse cannot unhook you from your IV because medicine is running through your IV line. However, once in a blue moon if you’re only getting saline solution pumped into your IV, the nurse can unhook you for 20 minutes to take a quick shower. Be very careful when showering while still attached to your IV tubing. Remember to:

□ Keep your IV pole as close to the shower as possible so that the IV tubing that’s attached to you has the most slack and therefore lets you move around more.

♪ Be very alert of every step you take in the shower to avoid stepping on the IV lines attached to you and ripping the IV out.

Slowly take a shower when you’re showering attached to your IV line. Don’t rush around in the shower and increase the danger of slipping on an IV line and hurting yourself. It’s not a race. Better slow than sorry.

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