Classic (of my) Dad’s Sayings

1. It croaked him.


2. Beats a poke in the eye.


3. Might as well.


4. He/she’s a horse’s rear end (Dad referring in private to someone he doesn’t care for).


5. Fish bowl! Fish bowl! (Dad closes the kitchen curtains so no one can sneak a peak inside.)


6. He/she’s smarter than a box of rocks.


7. I am D-U-N.


8. Dag-nabbit!


9. answering the phone: “Joe’s Bar”


10. Gesundheit!


11. Farfegnugen (the English translation of the German term “pleasure of driving”)


12. Oh, crumb!


13. Soda water! Soda water! (a phrase Dad says when drowning out something he doesn’t want to hear)


14. Nope, I like bad breath. (Dad’s response every time I ask him if he wants a mint)


15. It can’t just be hot, it has to have a good flavor. (Dad explaining his affinity towards hot foods, specifically hot sauces like Tabasco)


Dad & me

I love you, Dad!


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