Amy’s Doze Woes

Why can’t I sleep tonight?

I took my usual dose of pills to make me feel tired (because I need their nightly assistance to help rest the incessantly-turning wheels in my brain). Am I hungry? Do I need to “pay my water bill” in the bathroom? Am I not dressed warmly enough during this cool summer night? No, no & no.

So after watching an array of different programs on late & middle of the night television for hours like “Coming to America” starring Eddie Murphy & Dave Chappelle on “Jimmy Fallon” & turning off the set multiple times in my hopelessly futile efforts to snag some shut-eye, my brain was suddenly bashed with the realization of the cause of my out-of-grasp zzz’s: The earlier caramel macchiato that was part of my dinner that I wrote about. Not only macchiato, but a LARGE one.

Tonight makes for the second time in the last several months that this frustratingly miserable sleepless episode has occurred. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I am now absolutely-100%-definitely-most-assuredly certain that caffeine & me are like a peanut butter & salami sandwich, the two just don’t go together. All you readers, remember this: what goes into your body, solid, liquid, healthy or unhealthy, truly affects how your system allows you to operate.

Live & learn, or in my unfortunate current slumber-eludes-me state, live & lie awake.

If only I could conk out like my nephew!

If only I could conk out like my nephew!

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