Oh, be careful little lips what YOU SAY (to me, apparently)

My self-censored-in-speech sister Sarah & me (back in '98 in Kona, HA)

My self-censored-when-speaking-to-me sister Sarah & me (back in ’98 in Kona, HI)

“In a doctor appointment or anything new, I think, How can I turn this into a blog topic?” I disclosed to my sister Sarah yesterday.

I know, that’s why I’m careful what I say to you,” she replied as she drove her car during the 80-degree summer afternoon as we tackled her long list of errands. “It might wind up on your blog!”

Prior to our revealing conversation Monday, June 9, I wasn’t aware that other people possibly treaded lightly around me as far as topics of discussion due to the potential of having our talk turn into a post for anyone and everyone to see.

I’m like 70/30 kidding,” Sarah continued, confessing to me that there actually IS some truth to the claim she was making.

I thought the whole thing – her honesty about censoring what she tells me for fear of me then writing about it coupled with the fact that what she said was right on the money – was quite comical.

“I’m going to write about this tonight,” I promised.

Applicable take-away? Never divulge anything to anyone that you don’t want potentially broadcasted for an unlimited audience!


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