Turn to Him

◊ ◊ ◊ Given that I’ll not be in front of my laptop for a post this Friday, May 23, the one-year anniversary of Pincushion 4 Pokes, today’s poem will do just fine. ◊ ◊ ◊


When you feel trapped inside and filled with despair,

Turn to Him, for He will always be there.


When every window and door seems to be closed with a lock,

Pray to Jesus, whose door is open around-the-clock.


People may let you down left and right,

But never the Lord Jesus, in His Glory and Might.


Living for Jesus gives EVERY life worth,

While a person is temporarily serving Him on this earth.


Days won’t be all blissful, but you can get through,

Every day with Jesus’ help, He is always there for you.


Jesus is the Son of God, yes, yes, yes.

Trust in Him and your life He will bless.


The road can be rough, but here’s how to start:

Accepting Jesus Christ forever into your heart.


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