I’ve said it Once (2-22-14), & I’ll say it Again


The Top 5 Reasons Why My Sisters are the Cat’s Meow


5. I can hang out with either one of them & their kids for a day & wear yoga pants with sweatshirts without any pressure to glam up.


4. One moved her wedding date to accommodate yet another unexpected illness of mine.


3. One was looking out for my feelings and upcoming entrance to college, and therefore bought me a cute new stylish hat to fit in easier with the students appearance-wise.


2. Both have given me incredibly special nieces & nephews aka the best playmates ever as well as the excuse to still play Legos . . . & ninja turtles & ponies & “I Spy” & dolls.


1. Neither seem to mind the fact that at times I bear an uncanny resemblance to an anthropomorphic (or personified, which is applying human attributes to something that is not human) egg whose origins date back to late nineteenth century England and we’ve all chanted about in the nursery rhyme, the notoriously washed-out & wobbly Humpty Dumpty.



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