Take it or Leave it


Take note of the above photo. Remember to be carefully conscious of your SPEAKING & DOING because children are always looking up at you.

I take it – “it” being owning & taking charge of the responsibility of consciously watching your words and actions because little ones are watching everything you say & do. Not that I don’t make mistakes. I’ve had one young nephew in particular, armed with an incredible memory, call me out several times for behaving in a less-than acceptable manner.

The joy and fun that comes along with being around children also brings the knowledge that their watchful eyes are noticing every little thing you do. Even if it’s not mentioned or shown at the time, be aware that children are not forgetful and definitely imitate what they see, the good & the bad. It is for that very important reason that I try be a positive example, regarding both what exits my mouth as well how I act and react to situations, to my young nieces & nephews I am continually blessed to spend time with.




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