Right Up My Alley Today

A Facebook friend posted this funny get-a-reality-check message she found I-don’t-know-where, so I’m unaware of the author to give credit.



The Pity Train has just derailed

at the intersection of

Suck It Up & Move On,

and crashed into

We All Have Problems,

before coming to a complete stop at

Get the Heck Over It.

Any Complaints

about how we operate

can be forwarded to


This is Dr. Sniffle Reporting

LIVE from

Quitchur Fussin’.

 If this gives you a clearer life perspective, GREAT, and if not, suck it up cupcake, life doesn’t revolve around YOU!

The Pursuit of “Hearing-ness”


Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds. James 1:2

You’ve got to be kidding. I’m supposed to be happy stuck in this present predicament where my nose is stuffed to the max & my ears are so clogged I can barely hear?

Last night from nine till midnight I was watching “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith, which chronicles Chris Gardner’s almost year-long struggle with homelessness before revealing that Gardner went on to form his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm. Watching is the operative word because my hearing has been like a Brachiosaurus dinosaur, nonexistent.

The word frusrated doesn’t suffice my current situation: a fitting adjective escapes me. What does one say when she is robbed of her vital ability to hear from both of her ears for an undetermined chunk of time?

On the other hand, employing a much more productive & positive outlook changes everything. What a remarkable much-needed & embraced reminder to be so incredibly thankful each & every single day for each & every seemingly small but significant ability, like seeing, hearing, walking with my four-point cane, or smelling.

It’s amazing to stand back and look at the magnitude at which a life is altered with the absence of just one (supposedly) simple but fundamental yet way-too-often-taken-for-granted capability. But then again, we’re all being shaped through trials of all kinds to become better human beings, right? If I call myself a Christian, I’m supposed to trust God to give me strength to face challenges head-on. Read below the verse in the Bible that immediately follows the one at the top.

Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. James 1:3


I’d like to give props to my magnificent Mom for her artistic action to design today’s photo.



I love these comfortable gripping slippers I wear in the house year-round. If I had them on at the time, for their invaluable added steadiness I’m always grateful for, the slippers most certainly would have prevented my latest painful crash on the hard kitchen tile. Every winter I buy two pair, one to wear right away & a second for back-up; I find them at Walmart, JC Penney, & Kohl’s. Check out the link to Dearfoam slippers!





Thanks to my friends’ extreme kindness & generosity, becoming ill during our visit last week went smoothly. Both friends, one I’ve known since childhood and the other since last fall, couldn’t have been more accommodating after my poor health reared its hideous head.

A Heaping Handful of Helpfulness by my Fabulous Friends

☼ Both bought me necessary products to aid my ailing self.

☼ He didn’t make any sort of comments to make me feel awkward or like an inconvenience, while his wife shared similar stories of her own past unexpected sicknesses to make me feel better and know that I’m not the only person who’s become ill at a friend’s house.

☼ She gave me this excellent tea, pictured below, that she bought at Target. Not ordinarily fond of the beverage, I actually quite liked this tea’s flavor with added honey, which is the primary reason for today’s post. I’ve never enjoyed drinking any kind of tea before in my whole life; thanks for introducing this kind to me, Mindy! Therefore, I highly recommend this tea for anyone seeking to, as the label says, coat their throat.


Misplaced Polka Dots


Too bad for me, I got sick while visiting friends last week. Long story short & two embarrassing events – which will remain under wraps for the sake of my last shred of dignity – later, I have been struck with a nasty cold coupled with a flare-up of graft versus host disease, a condition where my body’s new bone marrow rejects the old bone marrow. GVH can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including dry eyes, dry mouth, fatigue, headaches, very uncomfortable gut issues, skin breaking down inside your mouth, & skin changes, all of which affect me.

Each day recently has brought new unpleasant symptoms, & today’s blog title suggests the latest one: that’s right, little red circles across my face & head, like polka dots on my skin. Going back to number three’s tweaked saying in my list “The Top 10 Slightly Altered Cliches that Apply to Cancer Patients” posted August 30, Sick happens.

The point of telling this experience with illness? Glad you asked. The two-word answer is: Incentive Spirometer. An incentive spirometer (pictured above in my nephew’s hands) is a simple device that helps lung function. All you have to do is hold the lightweight apparatus upright (unlike slanted in the picture), place your lips around the plastic tube, & inhale until the small yellow plastic piece moves up to the smiley face in the box. Being immobile in bed or sitting a lot when you’re under the weather means you should use an incentive spirometer to exercise your lungs regularly to maintain strong lung function.

Turn to Him

◊ ◊ ◊ Given that I’ll not be in front of my laptop for a post this Friday, May 23, the one-year anniversary of Pincushion 4 Pokes, today’s poem will do just fine. ◊ ◊ ◊


When you feel trapped inside and filled with despair,

Turn to Him, for He will always be there.


When every window and door seems to be closed with a lock,

Pray to Jesus, whose door is open around-the-clock.


People may let you down left and right,

But never the Lord Jesus, in His Glory and Might.


Living for Jesus gives EVERY life worth,

While a person is temporarily serving Him on this earth.


Days won’t be all blissful, but you can get through,

Every day with Jesus’ help, He is always there for you.


Jesus is the Son of God, yes, yes, yes.

Trust in Him and your life He will bless.


The road can be rough, but here’s how to start:

Accepting Jesus Christ forever into your heart.


I Stand Corrected


“Yeahhhhhh!!!!!” Max yelled enthusiastically to my suggestion of playing animals, clearly one of his favorite activities.

So we dumped out the dozens of plastic animals on the living room rug. With a strong fondness for creatures of all kinds and eager to begin, Mr. Imagination created a fight between a tiger and a large green dinosaur.

“The dinosaur can’t play with the tiger,” I informed him. “Dinosaurs are extinct.”

Armed with an exasperated look in his eyes and immediately coming to the animal’s defense, the young boy adamantly replied, “Dinosaurs don’t stink.”