Not By the Shine of My Chinny Chin Chin


“You don’t need any makeup,” I told my young nephew who accepted my request for some after I jokingly offered him blush. “Your skin is absolutely perfect.”

“Then I can just wash it off,” he protested as he argued his case of why he should playfully get some. Of course his aunt declined.

I sat at my desk applying the little bit of makeup that I wear before heading off to stuff programs at my church.

“Does my chin look shiny?” I asked the boy. Of all the features on my face, I am always very conscious of the size of my chin. I can’t help it. Bless the bluntness of his 7-year-old heart, the little guy certainly didn’t mince words.

“Yep,” he confirmed as he glanced over at my appearance. “Let me see if I can see my reflection.”



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