1 + 1 = Friends

Mathematical Magic

Mathematical Magic

“Guys, if you need to know anything,” I said to my nephews and niece as I twisted around to face them in the back of my Mom’s silver Crossover, “ask her – she is so smart.”

We sat in the unmoving vehicle where my preschool-aged nephew just finished another karate session in which he greatly excels (where I also witnessed firsthand the little guy doing full splits on the black asphalt), while my Mom talked over last minute instructions about taking care of three grandchildren while my sister took her eldest to Wednesday night baseball practice.

Our closer-than-close 12-year-old family friend I was referring to, however, voiced her difficulty in one area of school.

“Amy, tell her how good I am at math,” piped up the 7-year-old before a second had time to pass. It’s true – academically speaking, the entire lot of my school-aged nephews are experiencing success in the challenging multi-subject world of academia.

Now, mathematics for a seventh grade student versus a young boy in his first year of elementary school unquestionably varies hugely. That fact alone evidently did not cross the first grader’s mind or hinder in the least his repeated and sincere strives to offer assistance. My heart began to melt as I listened to the sweet exchange unfolding behind me.

“I can help you with math,” the boy spoke up again, all too eager to support his good buddy in any way he knew how.

The nearly-teenage girl graciously accepted his heartfelt invitation, albeit surely aware of the vast gap in their grade levels and subsequent negligible chance at true aid. But who can resist that?

“Sure, you can try.”


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