Eye want to ask you:

Do you realize just how unbelievably lucky you are to have eyes that produce tears and are constantly filled with moisture?

I just yesterday had, and have had many times in the past, a terribly difficult time inserting and re-inserting my lenses, until they’re completely free of any trace of a bubble and comfortably placed atop each cornea, that give constant and necessary fluid to my chronically dry eyes.

I was talking to my niece later in her car after my sister, her young daughter and I enjoyed our favorite Thai lunch. I mentioned to the 3-year old that I am so thankful to God for giving a person the knowledge to create eyedrops. Right at that very moment a new thought struck me: Rather than being intensely frustrated and exceedingly annoyed – which comes to me as easily as a heavy snowfall during Michigan’s recently passed polar vortex – when my lenses aren’t lasting in my eyes for more than only a couple hours after exerting SO MUCH effort to get them properly inserted in the first place, I should be grateful that there ARE also eyedrops available to use. When I’m not wearing my lenses that provide constant dry eye relief, the individual preservative-free vials work wonderfully to keep my eyeballs wet.

My own, and maybe yours too, take-away reminder? Everyday life depends so much on perspective.

Be glad for EVERY LITTLE THING you have, including

1. wet eyes


2. lubricant eyedrops that make dry eyes wet.

Eye am here with my good friend since childhood Lisa.

Eye am here with my good friend since childhood Lisa.

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