Button, Button, Who Can Find the Button?

Cardigan-clad (with my Dad)

Cardigan-clad (with my Dad)

 All right. I can’t easily button buttons. Ever since cancer treatment left me with a weakened right side of my body, my fingers no longer nimbly button up my shirts and coats. Upon realizing this I immediately got rid of all of my button-down shirts. I stopped trying to button my pea coats during these really chilly Michigan winters as well and nearly froze myself.

However, armed with a strong soft spot for cardigans (I have over a dozen because I love the style) among other clothes like pea coats from JC Penney with big buttons, I now face the challenge of a button head-on. Laughable maybe, but think of how this principle applies to life. Whenever a challenge arises, instead of cowering behind inabilities, rise to the occasion and DO YOUR BEST.

La, la, la, whatever.
La, la, la, it doesn’t matter.

(But it really does.)

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