Brief Unplanned Post

A more suitable example, though small, I cannot think of than this to illustrate the point to Be grateful for what you have & can do, counting your many blessings.  

See this photo I just took a few minutes ago of these awful painful cracks on my fingertips from harsh winter temps?

Set your mind on how to effectively solve problems (like my painful cracked fingers here that regularly need good lotion) instead of letting them get you down.

Set your mind on how to effectively solve problems (like my cracked fingers here that regularly need good lotion to solve my painful quandary) instead of letting them rule your day.

I was clearly not blessed with tough skin! I just cleaned something with an alcohol swab & felt intense stinging shooting pain of alcohol seeping into my broken sensitive skin; it’s no fun at all to deal with this can of worms, but I have to challenge myself to remember to use thick cream constantly on my hands. I’m the worst at using lotion, I can’t stand its greasy feeling & how your hands are subsequently too slippery to do many tasks, but then again, sometimes people have to commit to do what’s necessary for successful results.

I can’t floss my teeth with cracked fingers because the string really hurts when it slips into my split fingertips, I can’t use my damaged digits to do simple everyday tasks you’d never think twice about (like picking up little objects or opening containers) unless a dilemma such as this arose, but I CAN choose to focus on the best way to fix my problem (frequent use of lotion) & move forward.

So, I suppose the takeaway idea is that rather than unproductively & depressingly dwelling on negatives in your life, similar to this morning’s post about doing your best with your own abilities (even something as small as your hands being able to withstand wintry weather & remain in good working condition), keep in mind that every little part of you – health, attitude, etc. – adds up to determine the outcome of any particular day.

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