Go Wholesale or Go Home

Much talk in the school building Wednesday afternoon centered on a favorite subject of most children newly transitioned from diapers to underwear. So, my preschool-aged nephew’s dialogue on the chilly fall day primarily consisted of making silly statements about numbers one and two and the all-important potty:

“I’m gonna put _____ (aka number 2) on that chair over there,” he said laughing hysterically. “I’m gonna ___ (aka number one) on the ceiling!”

Wearing blue warm-up pants and a grey long-sleeve t-shirt with NIKE in red letters sprawled across the front, my oldest sister’s third son hung out with me. Like every day, a hat chosen from my sizeable collection rested atop my bare head. We sat in chairs in one room munching on crumbly you-can’t-eat-just-one graham crackers while his mother volunteered nearby in another son’s classroom.

Being raised by remarkable parents who include good attitudes, sharing with siblings, kindness, and “acting with integrity” as part of their daily grind, this young sponge also seems to have gleaned the importance of the value of a dollar among his many lessons.

During a break in my nephew’s entertaining bathroom-related jabber, I managed to insert a playful question that obviously invoked thrifty thinking.

“Where can you get me some hair?”

“I’m gonna buy it at Costco.”

                THE END


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