A Saturday for Sisters

My 2 AWESOME Older Sisters & me

My 2 AWESOME older sisters & me

In hindsight, I see clearly how my two older sisters have greatly improved and positively influenced my life in countless ways. As a young girl, “Little Barta” I was often called by my sisters’ friends. I first realized the benefits of being the youngest daughter as I was able to glean driving tips and “what not to do’s” in the car with each one as they learned how to drive (currently, as a result of effects of cancer treatment, I no longer drive) as teenagers. Presently, I’m embracing their shared healthy food knowledge, especially as I try to eat gluten-free, in hopes of being easier on my sensitive digestive system and damaged pancreas due to chronic pancreatitis.

With one, we sometimes get half off drinks at Einstein from 3-5 Mondays through Fridays – I recommend trying the strawberry banana smoothie, frozen mocha or caramel macchiato. Get a large for under three dollars! I can also count on her to help me find the greatest deal on . . . anything. With my other fabulous sis, we have a blast among the always amusing antics of her children and zoom around town together to cross things off our lists – everything’s more fun with the company of another!

Of course, they’ve seen me at my best – for example, graduating college with high honors while I also became a cancer survivor – and my worst – the meltdowns, stupid arguments, and my least favorite part of being female – the too-often turning of little things into dramatic episodes and becoming (unnecessarily) stressed as a result. Still, Little Barta (even though now I’m the tallest of us three) is extremely grateful that as adults we continue with regularly intersected lives that allow endless fun, love and learning amidst the numerous nieces-and-nephews-filled adventure!

Growing up with my sisters (I'm on the right)

Growing up with my sisters (I’m on the right)

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