Sharing Thoughts

Sharing Thoughts

We need to change our way of thinking on some things. Bald heads in particular. Like I’ve said many times before, instead of trying to make a bald head “not seem so bad,” we need to focus on just how FABULOUS no hair is! Go back and read my first post on May 23, 2013 about “The Top 10 Reasons Why a Bald Head is So Cool.” That’s why I purposely posted that list I wrote years ago as a teenager right off the bat on my very first blog. 

Rather than saying bare can be as good as hair, let’s turn our thinking around to say “Hair and bare are equally TOTALLY AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL!” 

In addition to bald heads, scars are often frowned on, too. No longer should skin sporting a scar be deemed as ugly. The good-sized scar on my chest from multiple types of central lines throughout my eight years of cancer treatment is not an ugly scar. The large mark represents toughness and survival. It’s a battle scar.

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