Delightful Denial, Plain & Simple

I’m all about calling an apple an apple, a singer a singer, a tiger a tiger . . . No funny business or false ideas. Leniency arrived earlier today at midnight on my doorstep.

I’ve mistakenly thought the 33-inch metal stick incessantly by my left side aged me, but wrong I was.

Today does.

Nevertheless, beginning this very moment I will both BOLDLY & BALDLY broadcast it to be my one year anniversary of turning 29! Here, this may explain it better for you:

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Can’t Possibly Get

Any Older  

10. I already walk with a cane. 

9. Loud music bothers me. 

8. Complex computers confuse me. 

7. I prefer snail mail over electronic communication. 

6. I go to bed early. 

5. I have difficulty staying asleep.

4. A full night can’t go by without me using the bathroom. 

3. Bad joints are a frequent issue. 

2. Doctor appointments are as regular as brushing my teeth. 

1. A pill container holds my medications in separate                 

little spaces for every day of the week so I don’t forget. 


Faith activates…

Faith activates God. Fear activates the Enemy.”

– Joel Osteen, preacher, televangelist and author

How cool is that quote? I received the unforgettable words in an email this morning from Guideposts. Hopefully they stick in your brain, too!

Blissfully Bare

“God only made so many perfect heads & the rest He put hair on.”

– Bracky, a breast cancer survivor from St. Joseph Mercy Hospital symposium in June 2010

Called to be (Happy &) BALD!

Called to be (Happy &) BALD

Talk about a feel-good way of justifying my baldness!!

Let it ALL OUT

The doctor who called to tell me about my first relapse (which I already suspected but didn't tell)

The doctor who called to tell me about my first relapse (which I already suspected but didn’t tell)

Don’t ever hide things from doctors, no matter how small the issue may seem. My sister Carrie once read about an infected finger in a poem (I totally forgot that I mentioned my finger or else I never would’ve let her read it). I never planned on telling anyone but I got caught. Another time a medication gave my neck an itchy rash, and I almost kept it from the doctors till the next day (I never thought and still don’t think they need to know “every cotton pickin’ thing”), but for some reason I mentioned it. The proper medicine was quickly prescribed and – POOF! – my problem quickly disappeared. The biggest health problem I kept to myself was probably me not revealing when I knew I relapsed for the first time. I was scheduled in a few months for a bone marrow aspirate, so I purposely failed to divulge my little health secret. I figured they’d find out soon enough. Some things I won’t admit to this day and every so often when my Mom asks me to reveal my little “hospital secrets” I tell her, “I’ll tell you in 10 years” aka NEVER!!

Sorry, Mom!

Sorry, Mom!

Anti-Bald? NO WAY!!!!!


Yesterday I saw a commercial about hair transplants and a line in the televised ad said “No one wants to be bald.” Excuse me? Watch my video! 

In the future, IGNORE anything you see anywhere depicting bald as ugly – that hugely incorrect statement has not one inkling of truth! 



Best Friends

Best Friends

 My fabulous best of friends, I need not take a guess,
For it’s clearly the person pictured above here: Jess!

When a great time & a change of scenery I earnestly seek,
I enjoy hanging out with Jess & her family for a week.

My Best Friend's Husband & My Friend, Too

My Best Friend’s Husband & My Friend, Too

Sometimes you just gotta be yourself & “let your hair down” & that’s that,
Or in my case, kick back on the stairs with a friend & take off my hat!