The Need for Speed versus Know to Go Slow

Take your time walking – it’s much safer. For me, with drop foot on the right foot coupled with the tendency to try to move too quickly, more often than I’d like to admit I certainly suffer the consequences of walking too fast. Rapid walking & twisting my bad right ankle isn’t worth saving a couple seconds to where I’m going.

Do as I say & not as I do. Slow down and don’t rush.

Today's message is: Take Steps Slower to be Safer!

Today’s message is: Take Steps Slower to be Safer!

True Talking Talent

“Our limitation is God’s opportunity. When you get all the way to the end of your rope and there ain’t nothin you can do, that’s when God takes over.”

– Denver Moore in “Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern-Day Slave, An International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman who Bound Them Together

Believe It Or Not

Ann (on the left) was a hospital volunteer who taught me to knit while I got poisoned with Arsenic

Ann (on the left) was a hospital volunteer who taught me to knit while I got poisoned with Arsenic

Interesting Health Facts About Me

1. I received 60 infusions of the investigational drug Arsenic after my second relapse with leukemia when I was 17. I decided to learn to knit from a very kind hospital volunteer named Ann to help pass the time during long infusions. Other patients receiving the lethal poison dropped dead without warning.

☼ Here’s why I was intentionally poisoned with Arsenic: My team of doctors had absolutely NO IDEA how to continue treating me after I relapsed following my first bone marrow transplant, which was supposed to “fix” everything, so they poisoned me.

2. You can actually taste saline in the back of your throat as saline is being flushed into your central line.

☼ Here’s why: Your central line hanging outside of your chest goes directly inside your body and thus the taste of the salty fluid saline floats up to your taste buds.

3. My blood type over the years has changed from O Positive to O Negative and then back to O Positive.

☼ Here’s why: My first unrelated bone marrow transplant in 2000 at age 16 changed my blood type to the donor’s blood type which was O Negative. Two years later, my second unrelated bone marrow transplant in 2002 at age 18, this time from a different person, switched my blood type back to my donor’s blood type of O Positive. Silly as it sounds, I was relieved to be “Positive” again.

4. One of my doctors lightheartedly suggested that I intentionally break the law because blood at the scene of a crime would be difficult to trace back to me.

Here’s why: Due to all of my transfusions over the years of different blood products, including plasma, platelets and bone marrow, my blood makes identifying one sole owner extremely problematic. Despite my doctor’s unique humorous suggestion, I have no plans to ever do anything of the sort!

Just Say “NO” . . .

You Know You’re Past Due Responding “Yes”

 to Your 3-year-old Nephew’s Incessantly Repeated Question

 “Can I come with you (to the bathroom)?” When . . .

5. In just 110 days he will be 4 years old. 

4. He understands what it means to love, often expressing the powerful emotion verbally by saying endearing things out of the blue like “You’re the best Amy” or telling his Mommy, Daddy and little sister that out of all the mommies, daddies and little sisters in the world, he chooses them.

3. His mental capacity is so great that the deeply imaginative little boy is able to impersonate Spiderman on top of already being stripped down to masquerade as the-son-of-a-British-lord-and-lady-but-being-raised-by-a-tribe-of-an-unknown-species-of-apes Tarzan.

2. His aunt’s suggestions inside the bathroom to distract the youngster, including looking for ants, no longer spark intense drawn-out searches that involve an extended time peering down earnestly at the floor below.

1. He is no longer blissfully unaware of what’s happening around him and comments to his aunt, “You have a nice butt.”

Um, thanks??

Growing Up Fast

Growing Up Fast

Always Almond – Milk, that is

My Beverage of Choice (in addition to Water)

My Beverage of Choice (in addition to Water)

Water and almond milk is pretty much all that I drink. Once somebody told me a couple years ago that all they drink is almond milk, I bought some to try right away. I loved it! I never liked the taste of what my Dad calls “hormone milk” from a cow, especially the aftertaste that floated around your throat after drinking it.

There are three flavors of almond milk:

1. Original – great when you want a nice refreshing glass of milk

2. Vanilla – tasty over unsweetened cereal like Cheerios or Rice Krispies

3. Dark Chocolate – when you crave a sweet chocolaty drink


Keep your Blood Pressure Cuff On All Night

Keep your Blood Pressure Cuff On All Night

Leave the blood pressure cuff on all night if you can. Then your night nurse doesn’t need to wake you up – with her blindingly bright flashlight in the middle of the night – for regular checks of your blood pressure. Instead, the nurse can just push the button to squeeze the cuff around your arm and disturb you less while you’re trying, the operative word here is trying, to sleep.