Why Coffee Is the #1 Fall-Weather Chum

The blissful beverage:

 – makes you feel energetic & happy;

– is a great catalyst for relaxing chats among people;

 – tastes remarkably scrumptious;

– is made in countless flavors & blends to accommodate taste buds the world over;

– & lastly, fits in during any hour of the day whether dressed up at an important event or at home on a chilly fall day looking all cute in a pink scarf & armed with a venti Starbucks Caramel Brûlée Latte!

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Simple Math Saturday


Nobody is fond of weekend lessons, but who can resist addition like this?

Grand Traverse Pie(quiche & rhubarb pie) +

 DSW +

Starbucks BOGO Holiday Drinks +

Buying items to fill boxes for children in need around the world


 Happiness with Heather!


Our photographer said “Growl” so I did in the above shot.


“The Journey”

“So much fun!” her husband shouted. “Woooo so much fun!”

I sat on the sidelines Wednesday as my talented very physically fit friend led her exercise class. Her students in the high intensity workout class include her spouse who takes time off work to join in.

“Why do I keep comin’?” the only man in attendance asked himself out loud. Then he jokingly answered his own question, knowing full well that I was clearly within earshot & would eventually tell his wife: “So I can stare at the hot trainer!”

Many other share-worthy times occurred during my spontaneous 4-night Indiana visit to see my incredible friends as well as their 5 terrific children:

“It’s only 9:00!” incredulously exclaimed their 21-year-old comrade.

“I know,” I said, holding up my cane. “See? I’m old.” Monday evening after my friends’ Bible study group left their house, I nonchalantly bent down & linked my left arm into my friend’s right arm where he sat in front of his laptop, which was my wordless way of saying “I need your help to walk upstairs, please.” So while my other outstanding friend aka his wife continued dialoguing with their young male friend, I trudged upstairs to get ready for bed, thoroughly exhausted from the day’s awesome activity.

And earlier that same evening with all the people wrapping up their Bible study, there was group prayer. I poked, purposely right at the start of the Bible study prayer time, my friend sitting next to me to gesture I needed help upstairs to the bathroom. I’d waited the whole time, through every single prayer request, including one lady’s announcement of her third pregnancy, to hopefully inconspicuously make the move upstairs while everyone’s heads were bowed & eyes were closed. After holding my impatient bladder for too long, in my haste I knocked a picture frame off the wall as I ascended the stairs, listening to the racket it made while noisily tumbling down . . . So much for a quiet getaway.

Much fun was had Tuesday night viewing each of the 4 youngest kids’ – ages 9, 7, 5 & 4 – performances in the play they created & performed for their parents & me in their basement. The real kicker came in Act I when the sweet girl of 9, portraying a determined job-seeking mother caring for her infant in a bakery, unknowingly flubbed her lines. 

‘Twas the tender age of innocence that ultimately betrayed her role as a loving mother who wanted nothing more at the moment than to nourish her offspring, when she inquired:

“Is there a place I can milk my baby?”

The End

By Amy on 11.2.17

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