1 – Bald & 2 – Writer

As a permanently Bald cancer survivor with a Bachelor degree in Print Journalism, suffice it to say I am known for 2 main things:

♦ A Bare Head


♦ Being a Writer

Thus, I am always without fail kindly & generously given 1 of 2 gifts:

A Journal or a Hat

The good most recent news if that last night #1 on the above list got me a great new wool dark purple hat with a stylish flower on the side from my awesome friend Fran! The story behind my new headwear is that her daughter in London cannot wear the wool hat due to constant rainfall.

Thanks for the surprise gift Fran, I love it! 12-5-17.JPG

“Mistaken Identity”

10-12-14 Funny Dad pose.JPG 

“Where’s the honey?”

“Give it up!”

“Yeah, give it up, that’s what I was about to say!”

On a quest to solve The Case of the Missing Honey, my curious Dad was on a much too long & tiresome self-appointed mission, hence our (my Mom & me) justified frustration. I finally confessed that I was the culprit, scooping honey from the plastic jar to act as a condiment for my Trader Joe’s chicken tenderloins.

For lunch that day my Dad had put together a hummus olive sandwich – minus the red pimentos in the middle of the olives that he always removes – & on the plate in front of me sat roasted vegetables, butternut squash, carrots, the all-important onion & cauliflower to be exact. The two of us sat across from each other at our little black kitchen table. I turned off the Food Network program I’d been watching because I highly prefer actual people over TV shows any day of the week.

Constantly inquisitive of who’s eating What Kind of Cuisine besides the ever-endearing quality of ALWAYS needing to know a food’s whereabouts or lack thereof, amusement fails to falter ’round my food-conscious father.

“What’s in the pan?” he wondered yesterday afternoon while glancing to his left at the skillet on the front right stove burner. No surprise there!

“They’re grape leaves,” my Mom answered . . . But we had yet to be enlightened with my Dad’s droll one-of-a-kind interpretation.

“They look like cigars in the dark.” 

Grape Leaves aka Cigars 12-4-17.JPG

The End

By fellow foodie aka daughter #3 on 12-4-17



EXACTLY 4 of My Views, Too – with THE BEST Saved For Last

§ D.L. Moody said in his final illness, “Soon you will read in the newspaper that I am dead. Don’t believe it for a moment. I will be more alive than ever before.”

 § Then I read this that I have to share because I agree 150%. “Death is not an end. It’s a transition. Death dissolves the bond between spirit and body. Ecclesiastes 12:7 says, ‘The dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.’ Death is simply a doorway to another world.”

§ And Goals

 In This Challenging Life

 In This Imperfect World

are Important, Right?

Mine is to live like these words in chapter 5, “in light of eternity.”

§ Most Fascinating Concept OF ALL – “Let’s read our own obituary . . . as an onlooking angel might write it, from heaven’s point of view. Let’s examine it carefully . . . let’s use the rest of our lives here to edit that obituary into what we really want it to say.”


  • Taken from Randy Alcorn’s 5th chapter of his insightful novel Deadline

Heavenly Humor Etc.

ppp 046Laughter, Perfect Laughter, in Heaven is described here as:

“Not like the response to a joke’s punch line, where there’s a moment of delight before returning to a world of burdens, but the spontaneous laughter of sheer joy that shows no signs of stopping, uninhibited by the dark cloud of stark reality.”

About leaving earth & Entering Heaven:

“Today’s inadequate goodbye in this place would be followed by a wondrous hello in another.”

– Chapter 4 of Randy Alcorn’s “Deadline,” the first novel in a 3-book series